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Site may not work as expected! More Info. A collection of music by one of the most influential figures of the contemporary music.

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Celebrated Canadian pianist releases a complete cycle of Beethoven's piano concertos. A collection of pieces which first inspired the celebrated pianist to play the piano.

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The Icelandic composer wins her first Emmy award for her acclaimed soundtrack to 'Chernobyl', the HBO's successful five-part miniseries about the nuclear disaster in the Soviet Union. Show 25 25 50 All.

Rhyme 'n' Rhythm Happy Birthday And Classic Children's Party Songs CD -

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Most popular. After the bracing kraut-ish repetitions of 'War Crows', the band enter into the single-figures bpm counts of sludge-athon 'Tight Collar', only to dispense copious volumes of filth for the barely intelligible 'Are Nice Men'.

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And then it gets really vicious. On the cosmic stoner wigout 'Fire Up The Tambourine', the production seems to devour the frilly wah-wah guitar solos flapping about the mix, only to spit them out as pulverised oscillations. This is only the halfway point, and there's no let-up until the final thirteen-minute riff meltdown 'Overlord Rapture In Vines Part 2' which might well be the best thing here, conjuring images of Boris, Bardo Pond and other such psych-metal behemoths. And momentum is certainly the key word where Hey Colossus are concerned.

Imagine Neu!

Number one song 1984

Breathless and beautifully messy. Heck, the label's logo features a trio of tanks, so of course Hey Colossus is a good match for their aesthetic. Being so brutally heavy and all, tank-like basically. Happy Birthday ironic title we guess, this is about as far from "Happy Birthday" the song as you can get sees Hey Colossus doing what they do best: throbbing, distorted, kill 'em all action. Uber heavy, totally bad trip psychedelic.

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From the feedback intro of opening track "War Crows" and the rasping, ranting throat abuse that follows amidst pulsating, amped up electric murk, this Hey Colossus album destroys like a more rockin' version of Khanate Part metal, part punk, part psych Ugly rawk doom drone maybe? In other words, glorious stuff for those so inclined like us!

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Can't pick fave tracks really, they're all pretty badass, but the driving uptempo umph of the waveringly blown-out "Fire Up The Tambourine" is certainly quite wicked. Even more out there, "Permanent Vacation" parts 1 and 2 is full of bottom-of-the-abyss, buried alive vocals in a shitstorm of droning distortion And how can we not like a track, especially a pounding, noisy, rhythmic near minute epic, that's called "Overlord Rapture In Vines Part 2"??

It's the psycho-delic explosion that ends this album appropriately apocalyptically. Happy fuckin' birthday indeed. Songs are reduced to riffs, riffs are reduced to a few notes, and notes are reduced to aaaarrrgghhhs, as deceptively simple songs are hammered into your brain with all the subtlety of a breezeblock, played for as long as the band can drunkedly endure, before it all abruptly collapses in on itself in gloriously bloody-minded fashion.

Imagine Circle if they had got rat-arsed, fallen into a hedge and started shouting at you while you waited for the bus. Hey Colossus have come back to rattle the last dwindling drops of sweat out of us all again and it's business as usual. Even more wrapped in the thick fuzz that they seem to have now adopted from last album 'Project:Death', they set about this album with a determined and drawn out aesthetic.

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