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As the baby of the zodiac, Aries is all about new beginnings, fresh starts, and manifesting big changes. This winter solstice will be a time of uncharacteristic quiet and contemplation for you. Aries generally love rushing into a challenge the kind of sign that believes in asking for forgiveness instead of permission , but this season is about the kind of work that happens under the surface. What nourishes and sustains you when you need to stoke the flames of that big Aries energy? Symbolically honor the idea of this nourishment by brewing a pot of apple cider with clove known for magical properties that include banishing negativity , cinnamon, and nutmeg.

As the ground freezes and nature goes into hibernation, it can be difficult to keep a sense of perspective. Persistent Aries however, weathers this change well. Volunteer work is a perfect way to give back and help your community sometimes you may have a natural inclination to focus on yourself, and this is a great time to turn that around.

You also love a season of parties, festivals, and fun, so get your holiday plans in order, and reach out to friends or family who could use a dose of your warmth and optimism. Click here for your premium horoscope for ! Taurus is perhaps the most sensual sign of the zodiac when it comes to material pleasures, so a season that is all about wrapping up in luxurious fabrics, imbibing in rich food and drinks, and being dazzled by all things bright and sparkly.

As we prepare to go deeper into winter and the days get quiet and dark, this is a time to celebrate life and feast literally and spiritually before doing the hard work of conserving strength and digging deeper into ourselves as we wait for spring. After all, the ancient Romans celebrated winter solstice with a feast of Saturnalia to honor the bounty of the previous harvest. While all those material trappings are great, Taurus has another reason to shine this season. Known as the bull, this is a sign that is relentlessly stubborn.

As we approach the time of the year when we set goals for the year ahead, Taurus is here to show us how to do the work and not give up.


If you have a celebration, include a space where guests can light a candle to reflect on their hopes and dreams for the coming season. Gemini is ruled by chatty Mercury , the planet of communication. This affects your life all year long, but partnerships of all kinds are especially important for you right now. In the spirit of the classic holiday card, why not take some time and write a note if you want to get artsy, making handwritten letters or postcards is a great way to spend a day, but of course an e-mail will do as well.

Being ruled by Mercury also makes Gemini a highly analytical sign. This solstice is a chance for you to really dig deep into what you need for the coming season. Have you been feeling restless lately? Dissatisfied with work or relationships? The winter solstice is here to provide you with a sense of clarity and focus.

You may very well be dealing with a lot of excess energy-starting your solstice off with a brisk walk, jog, or even team sport Gemini is no stranger to some healthy competition will help clear your mind and put you in the best headspace to get your life in order. In fact, joining a league or a team is a great way of keeping regulating your energy throughout the winter. Calling all Cancer crabs-winter solstice is a big day for you! Capricorn, and its ruler Saturn , is all about structure, discipline, and keeping a cool head—not the most natural qualities for your emotional, mood-driven sign.

This is a great time to build on your skill set and learn to keep those emotions in check. Cancer is a sign that teaches us the nature of home. A new season presents you with the opportunity to reconsider what that means to you, and how you can bring a sense of comfort and home to the areas which might seem less inviting to you like the hard structures and cold professional realms Capricorn is associated with.

Charge crystals like Moonstone, Rose Quartz, or Citrine under the moon to integrate them into your rituals throughout the season. The solstice is a nice time to give yourself a little quiet time for restoration. To honor your water element , consider observing the occasion with a ritual bath infused with eucalyptus, jasmine, or lavender. Try The Quiz Now!! According to the Taurus yearly horoscope , this is not a favorable month as regards your health.

You will have to take numerous precautions to avoid being admitted to hospital or developing a chronic illness. Rest, eat well and relax your body and everything will be okay. Test Now! The assistance you will receive from family members and friends will help you a great deal. The Taurus personality will not have bright financial prospects this month, but things will get better after the 23 rd.

As per the horoscopes for Taurus , you will have to ensure that you use the little finance you have to manage the expenses that you have to deal with. According to the December horoscope monthly prediction , education for you this month is tricky because you will be able to achieve your goals and objectives because the stars are aligned against you.

Those pursuing higher education will find it even more challenging because of the bulk of work and much effort but fewer results. Perfumes Astrology Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21, just in time for Thanksgiving.

At its best, Sagittarius instills a sense of warm enthusiasm, it's time to celebrate! Giving thanks. It is helpful to remember that gratitude is an attitude, a feeling arising out of heartfelt recognition for the abundant blessings of life. November draws to a close as Mercury, the planet of information and communication, joins heavy, timely and serious Saturn in the final degrees of Sagittarius. Things can get very real, very fast. For all of its lofty ideals, and persuasive beliefs, at the other end of the spectrum, Sagittarius energy tends to be flippant, too often dismissive of weighty topics and considerations.

Life's a party, easy come, easy go. But, there is a price to be paid, and Saturn will exact its toll in the months ahead. I realize the above paragraph sounds very cryptic, and I would prefer to be more definitive. However, astrology is an ancient science of symbolical archetypes, and I am just interpreting the planetary trends in the light of what we know now. I trust these heavenly planetary messengers will make more sense in the coming weeks. For now, perhaps we must be content with uncertainty, wholeheartedly and readily taking the plunge, a deep dive into the transforming waters of the unfathomable mystery that is life itself.

Email: belinda astrodelight. October October 5 pm. Libra New Moon. October 19 pm. It's autumn, the final season of the most challenging year in recent history. Amid the shake, rattle, and roll of earth changes, political turmoil, nations threatening war, and so much more. Offering the ever present reminder of ultimate surrender, autumn leaves fall quietly and discreetly to the ground. The leaves don't argue with the tree, resisting and begging to hang on forever.

When humans accept, and even enjoy, the natural cycles of life, nature becomes a beautiful and gentle teacher. The planetary trends for October signal a profound, deep, and necessary release. Those individuals that choose conscious surrender of myopic self interest, are in a unique position to offer solace and service to people caught in drastic circumstances. Throughout October and November, all planets visible with the naked eye are in direct motion.

From tiny Mercury, closely orbiting our Sun, to the rings of Saturn, all planets direct means focused action. It is helpful to keep this mind. Like having the wind at your back, these are the months to keep moving, and maintain momentum. An extra push of discipline and exertion can make all the difference in getting on the other side of challenges, and wrapping up projects that may have been stagnating for months. Numerous issues come to light during the Full Moon on October 5. With Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries, themes will revolve around relationship on every level.

Symbolized by the scales of justice, Libra is one of the most karmic zodiac signs. In fact, the purpose of incarnation, and earth dimension is all about relationship. Long ago, in the distant past of original creation, eternal beings, currently known as humans, chose to turn away from their primary connection and relationship with Source. They started turning toward each other for satisfaction and love. Over time, these beings started judging and competing with each other for power and supremacy.

The decline was slow, as humans moved farther and farther away from their Source. In the meantime, fundamental laws of existence, cause and effect, started binding these beings, now souls, to each other to repeatedly return to the Earth dimension to make amends, and reconcile their differences.

At this stage, the very heart of humanity is heavy, burdened with so much unfinished business that it takes keen focus, and determined initiative to choose forgiveness, healing, and release. Every spiritual path, no matter what religion, speaks of this process. Another dimension to this current focus on relationship is the planet Uranus, and its transit through Aries Developmentally, Uranus in Aries is helping each person get in touch with their unique contribution, as this combination supports personal autonomy and individual expression.

Additionally, there has been a growing trend of extreme self absorption, namely narcissism, over recent decades. Uranus in Aries has been giving permission, even pouring fuel on the fires of self interest. It can be very confusing, this apparent opposition that has been set up between self and others. In one moment, it's about unselfish service for the well being of others. The next moment, it's about getting in touch with one's needs, and self care.

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And, depending on culture, gender and conditioning, there can be an emphasis on one approach or the other. At the very least, this apparent teeter totter can lead to isolation and alienation. Taken to extremes, this opposition produces the conflict of us vs. Your personal astrology chart shows the dynamic balance between self and others. Most people tend to be polarized in one direction or the other. Some clients benefit through moving out of self absorption, cultivating empathy, and consideration of others.

Then there are those clients that need permission to stop being the peacemaker at any cost, and get in touch with their true and honest feelings. There is no right or wrong, there is just balance. But, like walking a tight rope, skill and practice is required. It is fascinating and rewarding to watch people discover insight through gaining a better understanding of this ever shifting balancing act called relationship. Consider all the various forms that relationship takes; intimate, family, friends, co-workers, community, nations.

No matter the form, in many cases, tension has been building, and may very well reach a fever pitch of intensity. What comes to a head during the first week of October tends to carry forward to the Libra New Moon on October 19, setting the pace for the next 28 day cycle. Symbolically, the renegade and revolutionary energy of the rebel runs headlong into the law. There is potential for disruption of the status quo, sudden and inexplicable reversals, and attempts to overturn law and order.

In many relationships, people will feel compelled or forced to take off their social mask, and show their true colors. In reality, this process has already been underway, but there is an intensification and culmination coming in October. Even the most stable of relationships will be tested. It is a necessary process, as the enduring foundation of connection and relationship is based on authenticity.

Now, let's consider Jupiter's influence. For the past year, Jupiter has been in the social sign of Libra. It has encouraged an atmosphere of making nice, keeping conversation on the surface, along with quick solutions and pat answers. On October 10, Jupiter leaves Libra and plunges into the deep, mysterious waters of Scorpio, where it will remain for the coming twelve months.

Scorpio is the detective, delving behind the scenes to get to the bottom of just about everything. It is an emotional, intense and complicated zodiac sign, never satisfied with mundane reality, always probing, questioning, asking the deeper questions of life. Scorpio realizes that we can't always believe what is on the surface.

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It is bold, frank, fearless, strategic and tenacious, never afraid to rattle the skeletons hidden in the closet. No doubt, this dive into oceanic depths will make waves, create quite a stir, and precipitate a shift into new terrain. To a certain extent, Jupiter has been giving the president a free ride. Taking a look at Trump's astrology chart, Jupiter was in Libra at the time of his birth.

TAURUS TAROT READING: September, October, November, December 2019 [Horoscope Monthly Forecast]

Every twelve years, Jupiter returns to the sign of one's birth, giving a boost of confidence and good fortune to the year. Once Jupiter enters Scorpio, this protective influence is no longer in place for Trump. There is a tendency to see Jupiter's influence as all good, but Jupiter has a downside. Grandiosity, superficiality, extravagance, arrogance; these character traits are associated with Jupiter. So far, Trump has depended on repetitive and superficial sound bites to address very complex problems. I am reminded of my cousin's remark at the beginning of last year's campaign season.

While this statement sparked my curiosity, it also sparked a sense of alarm. From my perspective as an astrologer, the planetary trends for the next decade appear tumultuous and destabilizing. The planet is going through a major evolutionary acceleration, waters are rising, the tide is turning, and humanity's passage to safe and calm harbors is already tenuous enough. Since the revolutionary 's, numerous voices have spoken up for reform, and many people have dedicated their life work to radical improvement in the social institutions that bind us together.

However, for the most part, these voices have been ignored, cast aside as the fringe element, too idealistic, not really grounded in sustainable solutions. Meanwhile, many of us on the cutting edge have questioned what it would take to bring about real transformation. So, here we are, nine months into the Trump presidency, and we see he is a potent catalyst for the shake up, a shake up that has been underway for decades.

It is helpful to realize, the ground has been prepared, seeds are planted, and the first green sprouts are readily visible. Storms will come, the earth may shake, but a new world being born. Having given birth, I can tell you, giving birth is messy, hard labor, uncontrollable, face to face with life and death.

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The contractions are coming closer now. There is no time to waste. Breath, let go, relax. JUNE Across time, spanning the ages, the planets radiate their essential message. Each planet orbits against the backdrop of a star studded sky, participating and sharing in the glorious manifestation of universal existence. The month of June begins with Sun and Mars moving through Gemini skies.

Gemini is the translator, addressing communication gaps, capable of bridging the inherent diversity within the human family as well as the cosmos. On the surface, Gemini appears restless, ready to jump from one idea to another, one situation to the next. In all this rushing around, Gemini can easily trip up, and succumb to the challenges of a hectic and pressured schedule.

While the evolutionary lesson of Gemini is honesty and wisdom through experience, Gemini can reflex into fickle dishonesty, falling back on classic diversion tactics, saying just about anything to change the focus. As much of the world is already fed up with Trump's antics, this Gemini thrives on keeping the spin going, throwing one wrench after the other into the mix of information. The upcoming Full Moon on June 9 closely mimics the planetary patterns at the time of Trump's birth.

Not only was he born on a Full Moon, but this happened to be a lunar eclipse which is known for intensifying the evolutionary pressure to master significant lesson patterns for the life. Along with Uranus joining his Gemini Sun, Trump is an eccentric renegade, accustomed to throwing his words and weight around. With the planet Mars on his Leo ascendant, he is used to getting his way, and thinks nothing of using intimidation and charm to influence others to fall in line with his agenda.

Without going into too much depth on Trump's astrological chart enough already! The Full Moon on June 9 illuminates the unseen, and tends to bring situations to a boiling point in terms of disclosure. Information will be flooding in from all directions. However the wheels of justice move slowly, and it may take months to unravel the complications of mismanaged and distorted communication. The important distinction in this current debacle is the role of Saturn, the planet of consequences. Transiting through Sagittarius , the zodiac sign of truth, Saturn will not tolerate anything less than full accountability.

While Trump's birth chart shows an unrestrained tongue, and the tendency to put his foot in his mouth, Saturn is holding him accountable. The force and fury of his opinionated diatribe throughout the campaign season will continue to haunt and inhibit his progress. On the personal level, this Full Moon on June 9 can serve to illuminate the inner recesses of unresolved trauma and emotion.

The outer personality prefers to guard these tender and vulnerable places through denial. With Saturn involved, it carries the weight of a more serious and realistic tone. No doubt, there can be outer triggering events that drive home this inner process. As veils of illusion dissolve in the light of this lunation, the possibilities are endless for release and healing. This brings us to another highly significant planetary message for June. Within an hour of the Full Moon, Jupiter begins its annual direct phase.

Jupiter has been retrograde in Libra since February 6. Jupiter is the planet of faith, improvement and expansion, and Libra is the zodiac sign of relationship. Thus, many relationships, personal and professional, have been up for review. Based on this evaluation, you may have decided to put more energy into a particular on-going relationship. If you have been feeling alone, in need of more social interaction, perhaps you have made the intentional decision to reach out, and expand social contacts.

Most people learn how to relate in the early home environment through a process of trial and error that becomes embedded in programmed habits. It is assumed that people know how to get along, and the fine art of genuine and fulfilling connection is generally taken for granted. But, when we stop to consider the amount of conflict in the personal, social and global domains, humans appear to be hitting the wall in the mistaken notion that peace can be found in the fight.

Overall, Jupiter in Libra is encouraging an upgrade in relationship skills. Everyone on the planet is being called to task in this area of relating, but especially citizens of the United States. As Jupiter begins its direct phase on June 9, it exactly joins Saturn in the United States astrology chart. This is part of the country's original intent to uphold law and order, and demonstrate the legitimacy of democracy through justice and fairness for each citizen.

Typically, these matters have been left to experts, those trained in law, but current trends show the entire country is getting a chance to receive an upgraded lesson on the democratic process. One more interesting note on Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter entered Libra last September. Trump's astrology chart shows three planets in Libra.

This planetary transit gave Trump the boost of popularity needed to rise to power. Emboldened and righteous by this win, he has continued to take risky steps for expansion of his agenda. The astrology charts of Trump and Putin show numerous planetary connections. Not only is Putin a Libra, but he has three planets in Libra. Thus, we see this relationship playing out on the world stage in terms of mutual admiration. However, the spell will break by autumn as Jupiter leaves Libra and enters Scorpio. As disclosure and exposure mount over the summer months, Putin will wise up. There are just too many complications for this Russian leader.

Similar to Trump, he craves admiration and attention on the global stage. As Putin's agendas are revealed publicly, and his involvement in nefarious and questionable activities comes to light, he will attempt to distance himself from the administration. For all his boasting, not only does Putin need to hide in the shadows, but he prefers to remain an enigma. Speaking of mesmerizing glamour and illusive spells, Neptune orbits at fourteen degrees Pisces throughout June, and stations retrograde on June Neptune has played a significant role over recent years.

Its influence tends to cast doubt and cloud reality. While there are many instances of this Neptune influence, the question of news, fake or real, remains in limbo. As Neptune pauses, its influence tends to be spell binding or spell breaking.

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People may be facing the contrast of numbing denial, and radical waking up aliveness. It's a choice. As the month rolls out, there is a distinct change in mood. On June 4, Mars enters the zodiac sign of Cancer. Just like the seaside crab that instinctively scurries to safety, this is a pulling back and turning within reflex. More than likely, most people will feel a need to return to their roots. This can take many forms, but there may be an urge to spend more time at home alone, or perhaps connect with close family and friends. Home improvements, and landscaping projects can benefit.

The zodiac energy of Cancer the Crab becomes even more prominent as the month unfolds, furthered by the Sun's entrance into Cancer on Summer Solstice. In tandem, Sun and Mercury enter Cancer on June As the lightest and longest day of the year, solstice is a time for celebration, and raising of consciousness. Our Sun radiates pure life essence as Mercury, messenger of the gods, interprets and translates experience into understanding and wisdom.

This particular solstice is powerfully charged with insight for those tapping into guidance. Closely following the solstice, a New Moon initiates a new 28 day cycle in the late evening of June Along with Mars transiting through the zodiac sign of Cancer, the universal themes of safety and security tend to dominate awareness on the personal, national and global levels. Home, family and tribe is the sustaining foundation of daily life for each human. Between the refugee crisis and other humanitarian disasters, the vital importance of addressing and meeting basic needs is poignant and intense.

This New Moon is ideal for contemplating and taking action on what can bring more stability in your immediate life circumstances. This includes the outer home, location and environment, as well as the inner domain of emotions and instinctual response. Like the crab, some people carry their home upon their back, and can adapt easily to environments. Other people may put their focus on creating and sustaining harmony in their immediate surroundings.

On the psychological level, this New Moon is excellent for healing the inner child, and emotional reprogramming. Astrology for the final week of June shows Mercury, the communicator, activating a planetary alignment called a T-square. We will see people alert, defensive, perhaps loudly proclaiming and complaining. With the predominant Cancerian energy, many people will be more attuned to their needs.

Feeling safe, physically and emotionally, is a basic human drive. In this sense, we may see individuals and groups hitting the wall of limitation, on the defense, pressured to take steps to better their circumstances. This breakthrough week continues into early July.

A T-square is considered a challenging planetary alignment, whereby easy solutions are hard to come by. It is similar to standing at a crossroads and feeling forced to make a decision without the benefit of hindsight. In many cases, it becomes an impasse that can only be waited out.

In the meantime, attempting to force a solution in a very complex and multifaceted situation can only exacerbate problems. Speaking to the current political conditions, this T-square involves Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. Jupiter entered a tense square with Pluto last November. This planetary combination continues to expose arrogance, privilege, extravagance, and larger than life power plays. It is a watershed moment as secrets are exposed. The affect of Mars can range all the way from minor irritability to explosive rage, and destructive acts.

More than likely, some type of crisis on the national or international front will have long term repercussions. These are days for caution, vigilance, and circumspection in personal affairs. Mercury brings awareness, and Mars catalyzes action. Circumstances come to a boiling point, and the need to make deliberate decisions, and keep one's cool is paramount. Events are happening outside the individual's control, and there will be a wide variety of responses to the stress.

On every level, individually, nationally and globally, humanity is in the midst of major turmoil. In this crisis of ethics and conscience, Pluto in Capricorn is breaking down the very institutions that society relies upon. It is essential to remember that every breakthrough is preceded by a breakdown. The tide is turning in the oceanic currents of belief, ideology, meaning and purpose. As the new age of Aquarius dawns, we will find salvation in our common humanity. As the Sun transits through Gemini and Cancer skies, June is a month to pay attention, and refine relationship skills.

Gemini encourages speaking as well as listening. Cancer encourages empathy in the face of human fallibility and frailty. In this year of reckoning, the sooner humanity links up with positive and life enhancing solutions, the better. There is no time like the NOW. April Taurus New Moon April 26 am. Mercury Retrograde April 9 — May 3. The planetary picture for April presents a rare combination of influences similar to having one foot on the gas pedal, and one foot on the brake. Typically, it is part of human nature to maintain control over life events.

In the rush and pressure to take charge and move forward, there is a tendency to willfully force personal agendas. Truly, destiny has a life of its own, unfolding despite personal needs, wants and desires. From the standpoint of astrology, planetary retrograde cycles have a purpose. Retrograde planets signal a time to pause, review and reset one's inner compass.

During April, this essential process is very evident as three planets, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto, begin a retrograde phase. In the pressure to produce and accomplish, there can be resistance to this necessary process. These are excellent weeks to complete projects, and wrap up loose ends. Don't be surprised if plans need to be reconfigured, and possibly changed for the better. However, with a good dose of patience, this process yields benefits down the road.

The virtues of flexibility and curiosity provide the energy needed to adapt to life's changing scenery. Three times a year Mercury enters a retrograde phase for about 21 days. In this case, Mercury goes retrograde in the evening on April 9. Watch for clues as to how this phase is asking you to pause and reflect.

Are there any projects that need to be completed in order to move forward? Be alert as insights bubble to the surface of your awareness. No need to hurry. Clarity dawns as Mercury goes direct on May 3. Revolutionary forces are at work during Mercury's retrograde phase as Mercury joins Uranus three times March 26, April 28, May Uranus is the wild card of astrology. This combination suggests sudden revelations and major disclosures. The stage is already set, the atmosphere is primed for unsettling information that can disrupt the everyday flow of events.

All forms of communication, including technology, carry added weight, more capacity to turn the tables, and disrupt the status quo. Now Saturn is another story. Beginning a retrograde phase on April 6, Saturn spends a significant passage in this more introspective underworld, emerging once again in direct motion on August During these coming months, there is a call for circumspection, honoring the inherent bonds of connection between individuals, groups, communities and nations.

Saturn is a social planet, governing, supporting and sustaining the institutions in which the individual can survive and thrive. This is an opportunity to align one's personal values, goals and direction in terms of what is possible and advantageous within the larger social milieu. But perhaps, more urgent and important, it's about time for institutions to listen to those they purport to serve. Saturn is currently transiting through the zodiac sign of Sagittarius In the United States and abroad, this transit is deeply exposing core principles that inform, motivate and guide institutions.

Humans are an interdependent species living within a web of connectivity. The current state of social complexity makes it essential for institutions to truly serve the needs of people, and not the other way around. Saturn in Sagittarius is exposing the ways we agree or disagree with each other in terms of the nebulous, hard to define, area of belief. It is a tumultuous time for the country. As a society we are encountering tremendous diversity, and many people are choosing the great divide of righteous indignation and judgment. Within the tumult, there is a rising call for the kind of tolerance that opens a holy space of connection.

This entails a dropping of persuasion, and self centered perspective. In this holy space it is possible to engage with a curious and listening attitude, an attitude that opens minds and hearts, the meeting place of genuine solutions. Pluto begins its yearly retrograde phase on April 20, and will not go direct until September Pluto is part of the larger collective picture, providing the environment in which the lower self of humanity plays itself out. Like a volcanic eruption, Pluto serves to expose what is hidden between the lines, beneath the surface of consciousness.

Pluto is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about until it is an obvious necessity. In its passage through Capricorn, — , Pluto continues to drill down to subterranean depths exposing the roots of greed, avarice, manipulation and control. Capricorn is the zodiac sign of corporations and governments. No wonder, these institutions are being called to task. The Full Moon on April 10 continues to amplify this deeper story of corporate and government takeover, while highlighting the need for integrity, ethics and accountability.

Each person dwells within this cosmic soup of planetary influences, and Astrologer Pam Younghans sums up this Cardinal Cross planetary pattern very succinctly for the individual. Throughout April we experience three planets beginning a retrograde phase, but now let's look to Venus.

This planet of love, affection, artistry, and beauty is completing a retrograde phase, and going direct on April Consider recent weeks since Venus went retrograde on March 4. More than likely, you will see themes of connection or lack thereof. These experiences can drive home your values, what is important to you, and the need to align with your heartfelt life expression. As Venus goes direct, you may experience a renewal and commitment to share and express your heart in this world of form.

When Venus goes direct on April 15, it is closely joined with Chiron in Pisces. Discovered in , this small celestial body orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron is the archetypal wounded healer, the healer's healer. Don't be surprised if unresolved sorrows, regrets and hurts simmer to the surface of consciousness. It's time to welcome the easy, gentle, loving touch of Venus. There is an added dimension to this combination of Venus and Chiron in Pisces, a joining that speaks to ancient wounds of separation from Source.

Awareness of collective suffering is poignant and impressionable. Many hearts are opening to the fact that many humans feel lost, confused, hurt and disenfranchised. There is a call to take an active stand, reach out and make a difference in the lives of those that are suffering. From an astrologer's point of view, it is not a coincidence that Earth Day occurs during the Sun's transit through Taurus, the most earthy and stable of all zodiac signs. Numerous educational events, protests and demonstrations are planned for this Earth Day. Climate scientists, environmentalists, and nature lovers are prepared, ready to speak up on behalf of planet Gaia.

As the month concludes, a Taurus New Moon on April 26 provides realistic and practical grounding. The soothing and healing power of nature is evident as the great outdoors beckons us out of winter's cave into sunlight. Considering the planetary trends for April, I am reminded of a thunderstorm. Dark clouds have been building for some time, the atmosphere is equally stagnant and electric.

The rumbling, thunderous roar is distant, but unmistakable in its approach.

taurus tarot december - 3 pentacles tarot reversed

Something is needed to clear the air, and momentum is building for a high voltage release of lightening. This is a reckoning and humbling storm, awesome in its power to transform. If only I could promise the storm will be over soon, but there are no guarantees. However, with a fair amount of confidence, I can suggest that the storm is cresting very quickly, and will pass by year's end. This approaching storm will play itself out, as all storms do, but in the meantime, this storm will stir up much debris, and take down many limbs. The clean up will take months, if not years, and the rainbow of victory may not be visible right away.

But, as clouds recede, there is a lifting up throughout the human family, and the work that must be done makes itself known. What's UP — Belinda C. Dunn March Spring Equinox. Aries New Moon March 27 pm. Mercury closely follows, entering Aries on March In preparation for this new season and the month of March, it is helpful to examine and understand the zodiac sign of Aries.

Symbolized by the Ram, Aries is the zodiac sign of force, movement and action. First of all, Aries is associated with the fire elemental. This basic and fundamental element flames up, explodes, burns, but also dies down to embers. Fire illuminates, enlightens and warms. As children we can recall being admonished as to the dangers of playing with fire. Clearly fire has its essential purpose. There would be no life without fire, and yet fire can easily flame out of control. Considering the planetary influences for March, keep uppermost in mind a need for caution.

There is already plenty of kindle for an uncontrollable fire to flame up in worldly affairs, and possibly in personal matters. Situations tend to heat up, easily exacerbated through an inflamed word, aggressive action or self-involved motive. Situations may arise that require immediacy, a quick response. Some people have a talent for thinking on their feet, while others may experience stress when forced to react quickly.

Within balance, March is also the month to rise from the doldrums of apathy, despair or depression. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries receives the initial urge from Source. Undiluted by thinking, this urge is raw, bold, courageous, unprocessed by human conditioning. Thus, be aware of these promptings that can get the ball rolling in your life. Wise action is advantageous and helpful, transforming and inspiring.

Entering a retrograde phase on March 4, Venus is a significant planetary player in March, and throughout the Spring months. In mythology, this is the goddess of love in all her expressions, sacred as well as profane. This Venus retrograde period instills a drive to see your relationships clearly, without projection and blame. Only then, is it possible to take steps for harmony and cooperation. Venus shines a light on attraction, and how people are drawn together based on affinity.

Jupiter In Sagittarius 2018 12222

Strong preferences tend to surface during March. This process can reveal your core values around loving and being loved. Depending on the relationship, some people may feel a need to withdraw, and seek solitude in order to clarify their values. As the goddess, Venus is sensual, and tangible as she enlivens one's taste in adornment, art, decoration, and culinary delights. For example, during a Venus retrograde phase, you may find yourself spontaneously upgrading items in your wardrobe, desiring a new color scheme in your living space, or perhaps redoing the landscape, and cultivating beauty in the garden.

Over the millenniums, since Venus is visible to the naked eye, humans have been able to track and document the cycles of this very close neighbor in our solar system. As new planets are discovered, astronomers continue to draw upon ancient mythology for names. In , astronomers discovered another dwarf planet orbiting in deep space. Approximately the same size as Pluto, and in a similar orbit, astronomers decided to name this planet Eris after the Greek goddess of discord.

When a planet is discovered and named, astrologers observe its influence through reviewing historical cycles within the context of current events. The symbols come alive as a new archetype emerges into the planetary consciousness. In this case, Eris is making herself known big time, and perhaps the Roman name is more telling, Discordia.

In several articles last year, I mentioned Eris, and the emergence of compelling planetary themes around competition, misuse of resources, misogyny, the disenfranchised, refugee and immigration crisis, corporate power, and survival issues. This current eruption of the Eris archetype is further activated by Uranus, the planet of lightening speed, thunderous change, rebellion and innovation.