Scorpio born on february 5 horoscope

As long as you have the right resources, you will deliver on time. The natives of this zodiac sign born on February 5 are great dreamers. You insist on the belief that there is always a solution to a problem. This gives you a tremendous amount of optimism and confidence. You have many positive traits.

However, if there is any one trait that would truly encapsulate all that is good about you, it would be your optimism. You always look at the glass as half full not because you prefer to look at things that way but you look at the amount of water inside as your necessary building block. The downside of February 5 Aquarius people is the fact they tend to attract people who are out to use them. These people are freeloaders.

They would join your work group and take part of the credit without doing any real work. As annoying as this may be, this is actually more manageable and relatively benign compared to your lovelife. You tend to attract more than your fair share of users, abusers, and losers. Do yourself a favor and try to show these people your negative side from time to time.

Try to show them that you can be a jerk or mean or unpleasant from time to time. This can go a long way in scaring people who would otherwise not hesitate to use and abuse you. Air is crucial for survival. Air is also all over the place. Put all these factors together and you have the boundless quality of air which is reflected in your tremendous imagination, optimism, and ability to work through problems.

Also, imagination, and creativity, is an absolute necessity to any organization or any venture.

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You can definitely bring a lot of this to the table. Uranus is your guiding planet. There is a sense of possibility and expansiveness with Uranus. Uranus is also distant and mysterious.

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While your visions and dreams can be practical, they can veer off into impractical or totally idealistic territory. You should avoid parasites, leeches, and other people who would try to take you for a ride. Insist that people contribute something to all the projects you are involved with. Believe me, you would be better off for it.

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  8. Blue is the color of loyalty. We all hear stories about those people among us who are so keen to put others before themselves that they drive themselves dangerously close to burnout, or even outright negating to look after themselves effectively. Unfortunately, due to a tremendous sense of kindness and compassion that is inherent to those born within the 5th February zodiac, those who were born on this day — no matter which generation they belong to — are very apt towards this behaviour.

    When faced with many different struggles, there is nothing more uplifting to you than giving of yourself. Do yourself a big favor, and make sure you help people who will not harm you in return. Believe it or not, there are many people who would repay kindness with not just ingratitude but resentment.

    Consider yourself warned. Username or Email Address.

    Scorpio Sign Traits Overview

    They also travel in a world that is black and white and has little use for gray. The curiosity of Scorpios is immeasurable, which may be why they are such adept investigators. The folks with a Scorpio horoscope sign love to probe and know how to get to the bottom of things. The fact that they have a keen sense of intuition certainly helps.

    Scorpio Sign Dates & Traits

    Did you know that Scorpio sign dates can change year to year? Much like the Scorpion would rather kill itself than be killed, those born under this sign are in ultimate control of their destiny. Fearless Scorpios rarely lose; they just keep on going, since they are stubborn and determined to succeed this Scorpio trait is in keeping with the fixed quality assigned to this sign.

    Scorpios work as hard as they do so they can someday sit back and feel satisfied with themselves. The Element associated with the Scorpio star sign is water. Again, these are secrets to be used another day.

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    That said, be aware that these folks are clever, perceptive and always in the mix. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto.

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    Mars was the God of War in ancient Roman mythology and is the first and most ancient ruler of Scorpio. When Pluto was discovered in the 20th century, it was also assigned to this sign. Pluto was known as the God of the Underworld in ancient Roman times, so when coupled with Mars, expect some intense energy to head toward the Scorpio sign-born here on Earth.

    This planetary combo makes for people who have traits like being motivated, penetrating and aware.