Astrology zone capricorn february horoscope

As the path narrows and you approach the pinnacle, you pass other small animals and turtles that have given up, lying on their backs with their little legs in the air. You are the only animal able to continue on the climb, as your surefootedness will not forsake you on the exceedingly ever-narrower path as you rise above the tree line and enjoy the rarified air at the top.

You are highly ambitious, especially when it comes to your career, and as an adjunct to that, you carefully protect your reputation. Your ruler is Saturn, the planet that governs rock, bone, structure, firm foundations, hierarchy, and even the concept of timeā€”all elements you value.

In terms of time, you may often feel you are running out of time, for you seem near-obsessed with using time to maximum advantage. Many Capricorns live their lives backward, with heavy responsibility thrust on them early in life, possibly as young children charged with taking care of smaller ones.