February 14 solstice astrology

Crawford Perspectives June issue - Page 4! I remember being out on a hiking trail on this date in , stopping back to get a sandwich at a nearby shop, checking the market… and it was in the middle of the notorious Flash Crash!

Here is your horoscope for February 14, 12222

Over Dow points, but recovered more than half by the close. W D Gann warned about the Equinoxes and Solstices and the middle day between them.

February 2019 SCORPIO Intuitive Tarot Astrology Love Horoscope

You mean as in May 6? THIS will be a very big deal for the world, economies, politics - the works! Shows market rally could be near Exhaustion near term.

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Anniversaries can be important. Largest Advance-Decline negative difference was on October 10, This year Oct.

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Crawford Perspectives predicted the U. Click on the Speaker Icon under Picture of Arch at right! Contact: Diane Dianeronngren. Astrological Network. Contact Laura Desjardins. As it is a short cycle of about two years, it is clear that a crashing market does not occur in any but a small portion of such cycles. However, with the current Bull Market move becoming very extended, and with various economic and technical information weakening the "Big Picture," our opinion is firm that the year ahead presents more than casual dangers to lives and fortunes!

Sign up in Services heading above or call our office regular hours December 27, Santa Claus Rally? Little known info! November 5, Excerpts from Nov CP letter about the election period!

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  6. Bank of Japan Traders Used Astrology. Eclipse at pm EDT! July 14, - Arch was interviewed on internet radio at www. Markets Down! Largest movement in 7 trading days!

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    June 3, Our projection for June 3 "Employment numbers suprisingly bad. Market closed down, but only Must overcome resistance from upper channel line for it to prosper. March 12 Taxes withheld from U. See Chart. G OLD broke above it's downtrend channel line for the first time on February 3 and moved sharply higher immediately. Apparently, the vote for Britain to potentially leave the EU is coming up and polls say it is a close call. That is roiling world markets yesterday and today and is one of several uncertainties presuring GOLD higher.

    https://hedthonerga.tk January 28, : Thirty years ago today, the Challenger space shuttle exploded with seven aboard. We wrote in our CP newsletter of Dec. There will be additional exacerbation at the Full Moon Jan. Here we are going into a three-day weekend with the markets as jittery as a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof! Wealth Reporter. News Serv. Have faith. It's easy to put all your energy into work this weekend, but work can wait. If you have a partner, a date night or some quality time is needed.

    If single, know that you're at your most alluring when you're laughing and having fun, so try to cultivate some joy.

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    You'll be hard to resist. Fun and adventure are on the menu for you this weekend when it comes to making a love match, so get out and explore. If you've got a bae, you can ramp the passion up by trying something new in and out of the bedroom. Get gussied up and do what you do best: flirt. You could experience some frustration this weekend as it might seem like you're not getting the romantic attention that you crave. If you have a partner, you might need to be upfront and let them know how you're feeling. Try someone different than your usual type. You could be in your feels this weekend as someone you're feeling or the idea of dating right now could be triggering your insecurities.

    Overall, this experience could be some homework for you in terms of improving your relationship to yourself.

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    6. Try not to obsess over the wrong thing. While it's easy to get hung up on what went wrong in your love life in the past, know that every day is a new day. You have the chance to write a whole new story when it comes to love and being loved. Hint: can you be brave enough to let someone love you with your imperfections?