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Make a point to maintain key good ways from over confidence and in similar manner avoid wastage of your valuable time on friends and social media platforms. Children can also be caught up by some kid of health disorders, so be cautious in that regards. There are no major concerns regarding your heath, just that try to maintain your speed while driving and make a deal not to drink and drive at any cost.

You will organize get together and parties at your place as a medium to spend quality time with your relatives.

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There are odds of debates with father and siblings. In between all this chaos your mother will be your pillar of strength. In case there were some issues regarding heritage property, these would be settled during this month.


Diabetic and thyroid patients need to be additionally careful regarding their health. It is advisable to visit your doctor for regular checkups. Try now. Taurus individuals are usually smart at handling finances. Ruled by the planet of luxury Venus, T Taurus boss is practical and realistic in dealing with professional matters. He never does anythi Taurus employees are sensible, realistic and practical.

They carry the strength to face most diff Taurus is an Earth Sign, pertaining to material aspects of life. Having said that, you are neithe Login Sign Up. We would advise you not to invest blind faith in your workers and employees. Here is your free monthly Taurus horoscope for October, with detailed transit reports and astrology predictions.

There will be a lot of focus on creativity and romance.


You will be much focused on these matters and you will be very active as well. During this month, you will be getting a lot of opportunities to be productive in own ventures. Creative projects will be coming up and people will appreciate your skills. You want to start a new hobby during this month.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Try to be careful with your speculative ventures. Opportunities for entertainment and fun are also seen. This is a good time to promote yourself. Your romantic relations are also important during this month. There will be some networking events as well. Aries Horoscope. Leo Horoscope.

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