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You tend to be attracted to people with strong personalities and who challenge you on both a physical and mental level. You want someone who is assertive and sure of themselves and who will take action to be the best that they can be. To others, they may seem aggressive - to you, they seem passionate. That passion in particular is something you find extremely attractive. A relationship that is competitive and inspiring where you challenge each other on many levels and feel an intense passion between you. A strong physical bond.

You tend to be attracted to people who are conservative and practical.

You like the steadiness of their presence and you like to know that you can rely on them and their responsibility. You like people who are good with money and who are not materialistic.

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You are looking for someone with deep morals and who perseveres to get their results, but who is also modest in their achievement. A relationship that is constant and practical. Where you both understand where you stand with the other and do not push it further. Where you are conservative in your displays of affection but none the less, know that they are there. You tend to be attracted to people who are social and playful. You find yourself curious about the way they think - so logically, but in a way that even they find hard to explain.

A relationship that is spontaneous and intuitive where neither of you know exactly what will happen next and are constantly on your toes waiting. Where the fun rarely dies and when it does it is to expose each other deeply and understand who the other is despite their occasional charade. A deep emotional and physical bond. You tend to be attracted to people who are nurturing and emotional. You like the way they care about you deeply because it gives you a sense of security and you feel pride in the way they always put others before themselves.

You love listening to their creative ideas and the way that they are so humble with their greatness. You are looking for someone who is sweet and sensitive and who cares deeply about you. A relationship that is sensitive and caring. Where you both care for each other beyond words and put the other first. A relationship where you both not only care for each other, but the people around you. A deep emotional bond.

You tend to be attracted to people who are confident in themselves and dedicated to something. You love the passion they feel for things they do and the way they try their absolute best to get the results they know they deserve. You are looking for someone who is sure of themselves. A relationship that is confident and fiery where you both know where you stand with the other and where you challenge each other physically and mentally.

Where you can trust each other and know that there is always stability. A deep physical and emotional bond. You tend to be attracted to people who are organised and cautious. You like the safe feeling of the relationship and the way they can adapt to situations to find a solution. You want someone who is hardworking and persevering but who is also sensitive and caring when they need to be. You are looking for someone who works hard and keeps organised. A relationship that is slow and organised where you both understand where you are at and where you take things slowly and cautiously.

Where you struggle to completely trust each other and both understand that. You tend to be attracted to people who are social and balanced. You want someone who not only enjoys the company of large groups but who also relishes in their time spent alone or with few people. You love the way they want harmony and peace and the way they randomly come up with ideas that at first seem crazy but you soon find to be a great experience. A relationship that is social and adventurous where you can have a balance between meeting new people and discovering each other.

Those things will tend to be the cornerstone of your life.

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Juno in the 8th House: You need a Sex Machine for a partner. Since the 8th house rules the partner's possessions, well, they may regard you as a possession especially if there are stress aspects. Marriage and partnership can also help you to reconstruct or transform yourself whether you want to or not. Juno in the 9th House: You need a partner with whom you can travel long trips, not short ones and "philosophize. Juno in the 10th House: This placement of Juno can indicate marriage to the career.

More likely, it will show that the partner will help you in your career and social standing. If there are stressful aspects to Juno, the partner may "help" you whether you want them to or not. Or you may not like the partner, but you feel you cannot get a divorce because either your career or social standing will suffer. Juno in the 11th House : Marriage to social activities is a possibility here. You could marry a friend, or become friends with the partner after marriage. The partner may be the one involved with organizations or social causes, or you could get involved with those things yourself after marriage.

Juno in the 12th House: Watch out for this one. There is an increased chance that the first marriage or business partner can do you in, or even be an enemy. More likely, it is you who are doing yourself in by getting attracted to the wrong person. This will be especially true if there are stressful aspects to Juno or to the ruler of the 7th house. It could also work out that the partner is really a nice person, but is restricted in some way and requires your constant help. Juno Aspects: Juno in aspect to any planet can mean you will tend to attract a partner who has traits of the sign that planet rules.

For instance, Juno aspecting Mars could attract you to an Aries type. Juno Aspects the Sun: There will be a tendency to attract showy, dramatic, Leo types of partners. Conversely, this person could themselves become more showy and dramatic after marriage. The harmonious aspects conjunction, sextile, and trine can act in a similar fashion to Venus. They increase the charm and social graces to a degree. But Juno goes further. It can give one an air of innocence. We like people with Venus in conjunction the Sun because they are charming.

Those with Juno in harmonious aspect to the Sun are liked because they are "cute. Frequently, there are big problems with getting and holding on to a partner. In many cases, there is no desire to have a partner at all. Demetra George in her excellent book Asteroid Goddesses quotes Gloria Steinhem's famous answer to the question "Why didn't you ever get married? At least they will tend to be nurturing with the harmonious aspects conjunction, sextile and trine.

The stressful aspects square and opposition can indicate a clash between your emotional and partnership needs. You could get a partner who is over-emotional or whines a lot. Conversely, the partner could bring out those traits in you. Juno Aspects Mercury: Well, your partner won't be quiet. Forget the silent type. Anyone who marries you will have to communicate, communicate, communicate.

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The harmonious aspects conjunction, sextile and trine indicate good communication between the two of you. It could also show that your ability to communicate improves with partnership. The stressful aspects square and opposition can indicate communication problems with partners. One of you may try to stifle the other here because you both want to talk at once.

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Juno Aspects Venus: The attraction will be to a charming partner with good artistic ability and taste. At least that will tend to be true for the harmonious aspects conjunction, sextile and trine. The stressful aspects square and opposition could attract a lazy, slothful, and indolent partner. Partnership could also bring out these traits in you. With stressful aspects, there will tend to be a clash between your partnership needs Juno and your ability to express love and affection Venus. As a result, you might find it difficult to express love to your partner or vice-versa and would seek to do this elsewhere.

Mary's husband had affairs with all the other women in town and was impotent only with her. Juno Aspects Mars: Marriage and partnership will stir you to action. In fact, you may need a partner to be active at all. The partners you attract will tend to be active, assertive, and aggressive.

Conversely, having a partner may bring out these traits in you. The stressful aspects conjunction, square, and opposition are indicators of arguments with partners. One of you may try to dominate the other. Juno Aspects Jupiter: The partner will tend to be expansive optimistic, and "jovial" jovial comes from Jove, Jupiter.

Marriage and partnerships will also have an expansive effect on you. Yes, it can make you more optimistic. Watch out that it doesn't make you fat as well. At least this will be true for the harmonious aspects conjunction, sextile and trine. The stressful aspects square, and opposition can attract an over-optimistic partner who is always expecting their "lucky break" to be right around the corner.

There could also be a clash over religious or philosophical differences. The over-expansiveness could also apply to extra-marital affairs. If you have a stress aspect between Juno and Jupiter, either you or your partner might think that the "to have, hold, and love" part of the marriage vow means anyone whom you fancy at the moment. Juno Aspects Saturn: The partners will tend to be older in spirit if not in actual years. With the harmonious aspects sextile and trine partners are likely to be solid, practical, and dependable, but, unless there are other indicators, don't expect them to be the life of the party.

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Conversely, partnership could bring out the solid, practical, and dependable side of you. The stressful aspects conjunction, square, and opposition may cause marriage to be delayed, or even denied. If you have this one, try not to get married before your first Saturn Return which occurs around the age of twenty nine. Stressful aspects between Juno and Saturn can have a similar effect to Saturn placed in the 7th house.

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An early marriage before the Saturn Return will slowly decay until there is no affection left and the marriage collapses. They will also be prone to stay in a bad marriage to protest their social image, or because "a half a loaf is better than none. These people have to learn to cut their losses and make a fresh start.

Juno Aspects Uranus: If you have this combination in your horoscope especially the stressful aspects, the conjunction, square, or opposition I have a question for you. Let's say you walk into a room where there are twenty people, and nineteen of them are sane and normal, but the twentieth person either escaped from an insane asylum or just got off of a UFO, guess which one you would be most likely to marry?

Hint: it's not the first nineteen. Uranus always has to be Different. When Juno aspects Uranus, the partner or the partnership has to be different. With the harmonious aspects sextile and trine you don't get into as much trouble. The partner will tend to be independent, or very bright, or a bit odd. The partnership itself will likely be more "open" with each partner doing their own thing and going their own way.

Uranus is fanatic about having enough of its own space. The stressful aspects can lead to several marriages. Years ago, Julian Armistead gave a lecture on her chart. He had several of the press clippings that quoted her at the time of her marriages. Her first marriage to Nick Hilton: "I've never known it was possible to be this much in love.

This is going to last forever. It's the real thing. And forget about having a partnership that is conventional. It would bore you to tears - and divorce. Make sure that you and your partner each has enough "space. Absence for this combination truly makes the heart grow fonder. Juno Aspects Neptune: If you have a stressful aspect conjunction, square, or opposition between Juno and Neptune, please, PLEASE do not marry someone because you feel sorry for them or because you want to "save" them.

Remember this magic number. If you do, you will never again have the problem of getting into a marriage for the wrong reasons. Please memorize it. It's Dial that and have them taken away so they can be helped by a professional. Then, get into therapy yourself to cure your masochism. On the positive side especially with the harmonious aspects sextile and trine the partner will tend to be sensitive, empathetic, and imaginative. Marriage and partnership can also bring out these same traits in you.

In all cases, there will be an inclination to over idealize the partner, to see what we want to see about them. Juno Aspects Pluto: Partners will tend to be intense and secretive. Sex can be volcanic.